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Celestial Summoner. ch.02 Spirit Battles :iconrhuen1:Rhuen1 0 0
Mystic Monster: Demon Vampire
Species: Demon Vampire
Type: Undead (Vampire)
Element: Necro / Darkness
Description: It looks like a giant bat, about the size of a horse, covered in black or dark purple dragon like scales instead of fur. Its tail is long and has a triangular demon tip and its eyes are more like dragon eyes than bat eyes.
These creatures are "Grand Boss" level Mystic Monsters, and like many of those are powerful, wild, and tend to be trapped in a special location by Overlords as otherwise they'd go on a bloody rampage (in this case attacking anything and everything in sight to drink its blood).
Special Weaknesses:
-Light/Golden/Holy energy and magic: Do 10x regular damage to it.
(Note: while it isn't repelled by or receive any special damage from silver or garlic these two things do make it angry and will cause it to target individuals that used them against it in battle)
Special Attacks: Aside from wing slashes, claw dives, and biting it has the following 10 special attacks.
1: Blood Healing: It will
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Intelligent Species: Swamp Spawn
Species: Swamp Spawn (there are also a myriad of other names for them)
Type: Fish (Humanoid..ish)
Habitat: Found on Earth (D-F time lines common). They can be found in swamps throughout South East Asia, India, and even somehow clear over in the South Eastern United States (thought to be introduced after WWII by deranged cultist)
Description: As an adult the males and females resemble biped lumpy and slimy green toads with longer front limbs than back, giving them a gorilla like posture and appearance, their heads are smaller proportionally than a frog's would be, slightly more fish like, and filled with sharp needle teeth.
These creatures tend to lurk on the bottom of swamps, but also build shrines to unknown gods from stone and sticks deep in the swamps and perform human sacrifices (and other animal sacrifices) believing their deranged gods love the sound of screams. Sometimes humans join their cults...but if they can't find a victim by the solstice one of them will be easily made int
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Elemental Faerie: Nekojin
Species: Nekojin
Body type: Humanoid
Gender form: Female (90%), Male (10%) *most males have an effeminate appearance*
Environment: Forest
Element: Chi
Description: Nekokin look like thin athletic *gymnastic build* humans. They aren't wearing any clothes and have fur *bikinis* that "conveniently" cover up the naughty bits. They have cat ears ontop of their heads, cat tails, and clawed hands and feet. They also have fangs and cat eyes. The fur patterns can be any domestic cat breed or small wild cat.
Personality wise Nekojin are a lot like cats, playful, mysterious, and prone to sudden mood shifts with the situation. They are also listed as one the kleptomaniac spirits as while in their small forms they tend to sneak around when their human partners aren't looking and steal stuff that they stash away in some special place. What they steal varies by the individual and may just be seemingly random small objects. They also possess a rather strong sex drive, but seem to find the same amount
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Battle Spirit: Floating Mine (Fire)
Name: Floating Mine (Fire)
Type: Attack (Trap)
Element: Fire
Description: It can vary but it always is some kind of mechanical apparatus just floating like five feet off the ground. It is such a simple thing that only the fact it is summoned the way it is shows it is a Battle Spirit and not a manifestation. However there is a rumor that the mines come from some massive mechanical spirit that dwells in its own dimension and the mines come off of its body. This type always has a red blinking light on it. Due to how it explodes and it being rather obvious, they are used more as a deterrent than an actual trap.
Effect: When something other than the summoner gets within two feet of it, it explodes into a large fireball.
Duration: It will remain floating where summoned until something gets close and it explodes, or the summoner moves more than two hundred feet from its location; at which point it will explode regardless of what is around.
Personality: it has none, no features.
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Mystic Monster: Royal Vampire (Vampire King/Queen)
Species: Royal Vampire (AKA: Vampire King or Vampire Queen)
Type: Undead (Vampire)
Element: Necro / Darkness
Description: Physically they look like ordinary people, except they have an athletic or thinner build than the average human, dress in royal attire; and always have some sort of long black garment (cape, trenchcoat, dress, ect...). Royal Vampires are a "Boss" class Mystic Monster, and one that only results from one of two methods. One being a human being performs a complex ritual to try and obtain immortality through mystic energy and turns into this type of vampire. The second is that a Royal Vampire can through another complex mystic energy/blood drinking and transfusion method turn another human into a Royal Vampire. Making them one of the few Mystic Monsters to actually work as a normal (transmittable) monster status like vampires usually are *most vampire mystic monsters can't turn normal humans.
Oddly Royal Vampires unlike Vampire Lords and Vampire Peasants can't turn NPCs
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Intelligent Species: Dry Spawn
Species: Dry Spawn
Type: Fish (Humanoid..ish)
Habitat: Found on Earth (D-F time lines common). These creatures are found on islands in the South Pacific.
Description: The Adults resemble a humanoid frog-man. Short back legs, long arms, webbed fingers and toes, a large frog like head with sharp teeth, and frill-gills. Has lumpy toad like skin. Essentially the adults are sentient toads. The creature is physically weak though, especially for its appearance, no stronger than the average human in fact. However it does have human-like intelligence and can use its other abilities to its advantage; which is mostly for reproduction and survival. That being is venom, hypnotic gaze, and spawn.
The venom can paralyze a victim, however its hypnotic gaze (which looks like two beams of blue light coming out of its eyes), when shone directly into a human's eyes will cause them to have a "religious experience" and worship the Dry Spawn like a god. This is assisted through its method of reproduction. It
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Summong Spirits: Battle
Here we will discuss the how's and the pros and cons of the different types of spirits when used in battle. Before we begin it must be addressed that while the school and many contest halls have rules against the direct bodily involvement of the summoner in the battle (no manifestations and no targeting the other summoner) this is not a universal rule and should not be expected in the field. There is no reason to expect bandits, pirates, wild spirits, or anyone/anything else to not target the summoner. If anything the summoner is the biggest target as YOU will be the source of their opposition, without the summoner spirits can't be summoned to attack them; so be cautious.
That said the summoner's role in battle is usually to summon the spirits and direct them in combat, even a partner spirit may need directing least they do their own thing; which can be less or (too much) depending on the situation or direction. We will get to that when we do. First while discussing the summoner, manif
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Spirit Summoning: Obtaining Spirits
For this guide we will be looking at how one obtains the various kinds of spirits.
For some this will be a crash course in things they already know, especially regarding the types of spirits that may be more common in their home lands. However several of these are quite rare out there, and this knowledge will be needed for anyone going on extensive world wide adventures. Obtaining multiple spirits of various types, even if/when one obtains a partner spirits may be needed if not at least helpful on jobs through the adventurer guilds.
Manifestations: As seen in the intro these are not obtained through outside means; requiring personal training and arcane knowledge.
-Battle Spirits: These would be the more commonly known and seen spirits as far as the card summoning is concerned. Battle Spirits do not appear in our world on their own, there are no wild Battle Spirits to be caught in other words, or contracted with. Battle Spirits are obtained through one of three methods.
Gift: Passed dow
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Celestial Summoner. Ch.01 Partner Spirit
  It is a very lovely land from high above, forests, rivers, streams, rolling grassy hills, roads paved with marble and simpler dirt paths criss-crossing the country side. The ocean and the white castle like town not far from it surrounded by a moat more for looks than function. Scattered around here are strange crystal obelisks and clusters, near each of the 13 spirit temples. These are in truth, and well known as such, simply facsimiles of the true 13 spirit temples scattered around the world in their respective elements. The crystals here hold within them controlled environments immitating those conditions, a small desert, one in the middle of a lake, a swamp, tiny jungle, a freezing winter zone, one in a cave by the sea, and so on. Some are not so dramatic, such as the tiny crystals around stone monoliths on a hill, the temple of nature.
 This is a special country, for here that castle town is not merely some home of a royal family, but where adventurers of a special sort
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Battle Spirit: Flareist
Name: Flareist
Type: Attack
Element: Fire
Description: A fairly large (core about basketball sized) burning fireball with a grinning face made out of the flames.
Effect: When summoned it has the appearance of a face only shortly before spiraling into its self and launching its self as a fireball. A mild explosion and burst of flames issue when it hits something. The range is fairly short, is compared to the (Fire Ball) spell in terms of range and damage.
Duration: A (ONE) strike per summoning deal. It vanishes as soon as it strikes something.
Personality: As its face is always grinning some think it delights in burning things. As it can't really be spoken to however this is just assumption.
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Battle Spirit: Flare
Name: Flare
Type: Attack
Element: Fire
Description: Has the appearance of a candle flame like fireball (about a little more than palm sized) with a simple face.
Effect: It floats rather slowly forward till it hits something (or goes twenty feet), at which point it either dissipates while trying to ignite by *whooshing* its flame around the object/target or just vanishes if no contact is made.
Essentially it is a fire ball, just a slow moving one and more meant to ignite things.
Duration: Some have tried to classify this as a trap given how slow it moves, but when summoned it will always go forward until either hitting something or vanish after twenty feet or so. Making it clearly an "attack" type, just a rather "laid back" one.
Personality: It seems to be sleepy and/or lazy as it just drifts forward with a bored/tired expression.
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Battle Spirit: Healing Fairy
Name: Healing Fairy
Type: Status (Assist)
Element: (None)
Description: Looks like a six inches tall pixie winged fairy cute woman wearing a pink nurse's uniform. She carries a syringe with a spray nozzle on the end, it is filled with a blue bubbling liquid.
Effect: When summoned she flies where directed and shoots (sprays from her fake syringe) a blue mist at the wounded individual, spirit, or other wounded. This has a healing effect, this is the lowest level healing spirit so the wounds recovered can only be light wounds or just a little HP for a spirit.
Duration: She uses the spray (ONE) time on one "target" before vanishing. The spray might do more if the exposure was prolonged, but the spirit obeys a rule of limitation and has to be summoned again for additional uses.
Personality: She seems to have a light hearted and joyful tone and appearance to her. This could be to lighten the mood as she heals as this behavior doesn't change regardless of how severe, how many times, or even if
:iconrhuen1:Rhuen1 0 0
Battle Spirit: Shield
Name: Shield
Type: Defense
Element: (None)
Description: Looks like a semi-clear orange hologram, can take a variety of shapes (triangular, round, ect...) of shields, but tend to be very small, as in barely more than a foot long or across. As these are the lowest level known of Defense type Battle Spirits. So low in fact they were thought to be Inanimate manifestations till it was realized they floated to try and protect the summoner on their own and had stats.
Effect: The description says most of it, summons a small shield shaped spirit that will try and protect the summoner till its own HP runs out and it vanishes back to its own realm. It will move to try and intercept attacks, but it is small and relatively slow, although it can sense things the summoner can't so just seeing it suddenly moving behind the summoner is a warning danger is sneaking up on them.
Duration: As seen in Effect it lasts until its low HP runs out or is unsummoned.
Personality: It displays no personality traits
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Battle Spirit: Flame Lion's Roar
Name: Flame Lion's Roar
Type: Attack
Element: Fire
Description: When summoned it appears first as a lion's head with a full mane made of flames *entire head is made of flames*. Before attacking the flames gather into its mouth to reveal an orange-red semi-clear hologram like appearance.
Effect: It spits out a "Fire Rocket" type spell (a potentially long range explosive fireball), essentially making this spirit the summoning equivalent of a rocket launcher.
Duration: This spirit appears and performs ONE attack where it is aimed/commanded to fire at. After which it vanishes back to its own realm.
Personality: It displays no personality traits and its movements come across as automatic. Some could describe it as "stoic" or "aggressive" as it attacks without mercy.
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Intelligent Species: Draconians (Aesperia)
Species: Draconian
Type: Dragon (Humanoid)
Diet: Omnivore (with carnivore tendencies)
Average Life Span: *unknown*
Habitat: Other World: Aesperia: They can live anywhere humans (Aesperians) can; although the specific type tends to effect where they prefer to live.
Physical description:
Humanoid dragon is the most generic description possible. They have a huge variety in their appearance, which is added on to by their power to change shape (often as they hide or unleash their power). They look the most reptilian, and sometimes like amphibians, at their weakest, and nearly human at their strongest. Although they never look completely human, usually they will have horns, tails, wings, eyes, teeth, forked tongue, or other features that give them away. It does come as a surprise for some who try to fight them to discover that the ones that look like dragons have actually become more powerful by assuming a smaller human like form. Color and specific features also vary.
History & Abilities:
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   There is a *knock* on the door of Mr. Farns' office.

    "Come in," he says fumbling with some paperwork. He looks up to see a woman in dark clothing, nearly mistaking her for the spirit Dominess at first, he notices quickly it is instead the spirit's master Miss Ora.

   "Well," says Ora, "it looks like you've lost a great deal of respect with Miss Tonoka, doesn't look like she trusts you anymore."

   "Eh," says Farns writing something with his black feather quill pen.

   Ora holds up a folder, "she turned in her summoner report to my office. It was a rather fascinating read beside your incident report. But you are still technically the instructor for partner spirit training so I figured you should have it."

   She drops the folder in front him over his hands and what he is working on, much to his annoyance as he stops and looks up at her.

  "I made copies of course," says Ora.

  "Thanks," says Farns moving it aside to get back to his works, "I'll see what that kid had to say about me later."

   Ora's haughty laugher makes Farns' eye twitch, he knows this laugh, it is most certainly not a good thing for him.

  "You really should read it," says Ora, "she was quite detailed about the summoning ritual...rather interesting choice of words her partner spoke when summoned. It said it had never before appeared in its current form before a human of this world."

  "That's just how spirits talk," says Farns

  Ora looks down him, "it also said its form had no proper name on this world."

  Farns pauses.

 "This implies," says Ora, "it has been summoned before, but in a different form before humans, and in a form we didn't actually see in the arena, only a partial version of it before something else. Which was never given a...proper name. As you know a title is not a proper name, and Dominess recognized her, specifically as such, what type she is, but that she specifically had no given name in her current form...and you know how Eldritch are, especially Celestial types, different forms, different names, and very clever."

  "Ya'know," says Farns folding his arms, "you sound like you know something I don't about this. Care to share?"

  "No," says Ora, "you made this mess, its on you. You lost the respect of a summoner, and ergo her partner spirit. One that easily overpowers yours. So..pleasent dreams."

  She walks out leaving the report.

  Farns pauses a moment tapping his quill pen on the table. "Fine,"

 He takes out his partner card, "you look healed enough."

 He holds it up, "Daiyakisar come forth."

 A sticky mist appears on the wall and the robed tentacle faced creature appears, "Yes master, how may I be of assistance?"

 "That spirit in the arena," says Farns noticing his spirit's brow twitch uncharacteristically, "when you performed your scan, before its psy-killer defense hit you, did you discover anything useful about it?"

  "Yes master,"

  Farns waits and raises a brow, "Well this is unlike you, withholding information without a specific request? Alright, was it a Goryo or some other kind of ghost type spirit?"

  Daiyakisar looks at the wall, "No master it was not."

  "I see," says Farns, "alright, Dominess claims it is a Celestial Eldritch, did your scan reveal that?"

  "Yes master,"

  "But that would require going to the Star Temple," says Farns, "where I summoned you, one of the only two temples where an Eldritch can be summoned, Star and Sea...a Celestial would require the former. Are you saying the girl lied, and did in fact have to have gone to the Star Temple without permission?"

  Farns smiles wickedly tapping a piece of parchment with his quill pen.

  Daiyakisar turns, "Master, Primal Elementals are Celestial spirits as well...Eldritch by nature."

  "Dominess didn't mention that," says Farns, "just called it a Celestial Eldritch."

 Daiyakisar turns again, "Dominess is a Daemon of the same primal waves...I am not. I hold no allegence or alliances to this Tempestia."

 "Agh, spirit in-fighting again," grunts Farns leaning back, "well, damn, that explains it actually. Great, just great. Miss Ora and board can be all non-discriminatory as they want, but you spirits still have your old wars and conflicts with each other."

  He narrows his eyes and leands forward looking at Daiyakisar, "Were you whispering in my ear the insistance that the spirit was a Goryo...fanning my hatred and anger...when rational thought would have leaned more to a Sylph or even a Daemon which I didn't even consider?"

  "Yes master," says Daiyakisar.

 "Daiyakisar, I make this decree, you are not to fan my hatred of the Goryo, under any circumstances, period."

  "Understood master," says Daiyakisar.

 "Dismissed," says Farns, Daiyakisar vanishing into mist.

 "Hatred feeding monster," mutters Farns, "my great grandfather was a bastard of a man to have summoned you...and cursed his descendents with keeping you in check."

  He taps his quill pen, "But Miss Ora had a point...hmm...I should have a job request around her somewhere perfect for a student with a new spirit partner, especially one with so much experience and other spirit cards at her disposal. Give them both a chance to work off some steam as well."



     At the cafeteria table Mirai is working on her summoning report while their trays of food are in front of them.

  "Have to work on that right now?" asks Lance as his Leprechaun jumps his shoulder and carves out a tiny piece the apple on his tray to nibble on.

  "Yeah," says Mirai, "I want to get it done while its fresh in my mind."

  "Come on Cherry Blossom" says Sakura to the tiny green humanoid with a pink blossom mini-skirt sitting on her shoulder, "dig in,"

  Cherry Blossom the Alraune floats down like a dandelion seed to the table and unexpectly bows towards Mirai, "Your majesty I am honored to be in your presence and would not dare eat before you."

  Even Lance stops gobbling down his salsbury steak.

  Mirai and Sakura exchange a surprised look.

  "Ehhh," moans Tempestia as she squirms free of Mirai's robe and floats down to the table, "fine."

  she stands there and tips her head. She looks up at Mirai, "If I may Princess, I would like one of these strawberries."

  "Of course," says Mirai, "help yourself."

  Tempestia rolls a strawberry off the tray and kneels in front of it, and kisses it, sucking out its juices.

  Cherry Blossom stands and goes back to Sakura's tray to eat.

  "What was that about?" asks Lance.

 "Dem both nature horrors," says the Leprechaun biting a chunk out of a french fry, "one of dem just happens to be a higher rank than the other is all."

  "Huh," says Mirai, "Miss Ora's spirit said Tempestia was a Celestial Eldritch...but you'd have to go to the Star Temple to get a Celestial according to my book, almost no one ever does though...almost.."

  Her thoughts drift to the blue mechanoid female spirit her father has, before she shakes her head, "but...I didn't."

  "Come to think of it," says Sakura when you called Tempestia to the field Cherry Blossom got all excited and told me your battle was going to be interesting.

 "Hey, Leprechaun," says Lance, "what about you, calling them horrors...that better not be a lisp thing again."

  The Leprechaun without pausing a bite says, "Sir, if I wanted to call dem whores I would, but chances are they'd both kick me ass. No, I say horrors because that's what they be, you see them for what they really look like, big mean, scary things of vines and pretty flowers that lure young lasses in for unholy pleasures...oh and they eat yer livestock and attack men so...ya'know...horrors of the green forests sir."

  Mirai and Sakura pause and look down at their spirits.

  "Wait...she's a plant?" asks Mirai, remembering the vine arm, "but fire didn't even bother her..."

  "But," says Sakura, "Miss Ora's spirit also called her a Celestial a nature celestial eldritch...never even heard of that."

  "Oh my gods," says a tall blond girl sitting nearby and looking over. She takes out a book, "Seriously Mirai...Sakura,"

  Sakura looks up, "Angela,"

  Angela looks down at Cherry Blossom who smiles up at her. Angela takes a step back, the golden feathered harpy sitting on her shoulder like a canary hisses down at Cherry Blossom.

  Angela sets the book down on the other side of Mirai, "right here, primal elementals, they are celestial eldritch technically, no one ever summons them directly, spells usually call power from them though, see here, they count as nature spirits, same as Elemental Faeries like my little Goldie, Lance's...nameless Leprechaun, and...Sakura's sadist."

  "Cherry Blossom," says Sakura.

  "Want me to whip them?" asks Cherry Blossom.

  "Keep her away from Goldie," snaps Angela grabbing her harpy up in her hands.

  "Calm down," says Lance, "that was like four months ago wasn't it...can't you just."

 "No," says Angela, "for one we were supposed to be on the same team know what happened."

  "Anyway," says Angela grabbing up the book, where Mirai was looking at a picture showing card like illustrations of the primal elemental spirits, including one of a black armored woman with long red hair filled with purple flowers, whose hair trailed off black and into twisting vines all around and behind her.

  "Angela," asks Mirai, "it said Primal Elementals are never summoned then...they never got proper names?"

  Angela *shrugs*, "I guess not, but...we can talk later, when that sexual assault Alraune isn't around."

  "Whatever," mutters Sakura.

  They all know what happened, a still image in their mind, a duel side battle in front of the students. The two guys were using a Leo and an Aries, both high grade Elemental Faeries of the star element, Angela and Sakura were team mates, and losing when all of a sudden Sakura's alraund entangled Angela's golden harpy, legs around the thighs, abdomen, wings, between the breasts...molesting her, rubbing between her legs, turning her thorns into round knubs pressing into her body there, forcing the golden harpy to orgasm and release a powerful light of energy that caused the Leo and Aries to turn on each other as if fighting over her. The harpy had then continued to glow gold and beat them both in a berserker like mode. The harpy acted more embarrassed and reflected Angela's outrage at the public display.

   They all know though, at night, unless told not to that their spirits meet up secretly, but harpies and Alraune are prideful, nearly as much as their masters. The other students, and possibly Lance don't know any such thing, and seeing as Angela and Sakura are from prestigious families of rival companies; well, its politics.

  After lunch Sakura pats her whip and belt for Cherry Blossom to merge into it again, the Leprechaun turns invisible and rides on Lance's shoulder, while Mirai goes to turn in her report, passing up Mr. Farns office and turning it into Miss Ora's instead.


   -Mirai has taken Tempestia (riding on her shoulder and floating about) on a tour of the town around the oddly castle like Grand Summoning School. A village that Tempestia confuses Mirai by refering to as "old timey" and "whimsical", with its white walls, red roofs, shuttered windows, and now house or business more than two stories tall. The roads are made of stones, carts pulled by horses with the odd individual on a one or two seater (mana powered) kart. Although most people are on foot. Shops for clothes, food, it is bustling, people from the area, who live here, and the school all shop out here, visit the resturaunts, and especially the magic shops.

  "There are a bunch," says Mirai, "the school knows but pretends to ignore the one that acts all shady down some stairs three blocks over...sells dark element spells to teach spirits and dark element attack spirits."

  She indicates a building before them, a bright place with two wide windows and aisles of spirit cards under lock down spells and in boxes, "is where I get most of my cards. I need to go over the ones I have and see what really fits you; but I probably need to get some new ones...yeah we can only carry 25 cards, not counting our spirit partner of course, on the field per the agreed upon laws..."

  Mirai *shrugs*, "I don't get it, but its a good number. I mean someone can own as many as they like, but imagine trying to fumble through like a hundred different cards in your pack on an adventure trying to find the one you want...or more."

  Tempestia seems to understand, as Mirai looks through the aisles, thinking intently in the wind and electric sections, and even more so in the earth element section examining the lables.

  Mirai has the old merchant unlock and sell her three cards. On the way out the bell ringing door she stops as she spies golden feathers ducking behind the building in the alley and a sweet cherry smell in the air. With a playful smile and *shhh* gesture to Tempestia she silently and slowly steps down the alley. Around a corner there is a girl, who is clearly Angela, however her skin is a golden bronze, her uniform like outfit missing; replaced by a barely covering her bikini made of golden scales. Her hair is soft shoulder length golden-yellow feathers; and her back is adorned with a pair of angel like golden-yellow feathered wings. Her eys are closed as her golden lips are locked with the deep red lips of dark green haired with pink flowers in it, green skinned girl waring very fevealing cherry blossoms stuck together...and looking glued on as a bikini, girl. Who is clearly Sakura. Sakura has the same pseudo-wing leaves on her back as her Alraune had. Angela moans into Sakura's mouth making her smile as Sakura manipulates Angela's left breast with skillfull fingers, her erect nipple revealing these are not bikinis but part of their bodies. As Sakura breaks off their kiss and takes Angela's tit in her mouth, gently biting and licking around the areola with the tip of her tongue; Mirai slowly ducks out of the alley and makes her way back to the street. She looks both way and *sighs*, "right here really?"

  She *shrugs*, "Might as well stand guard till their done...or start making too much noise."

  Mirai *giggles* to Tempestia, "I guess their little show earlier got those four all worked up."

  "Four?" says Tempestia, "I you are aware then that your two friends were not controlling their own bodies back there?"

  "Huh?" says Mirai, "right, sorry, wow...a spirit that was never summoned before...but...okay...yeah. One of the five battle methods allowed with our spirits is fusion, the version where we control our own bodies and are bestowed some spirit traits is called Aura Guardian, the version where our partner spirit fully fuses with us and controls us; but our emotions and bodies guide and limit them; while we are fully aware like a dream what is called possession. Both have limits on how long they can last of course."

  "Of course," says Tempestia with a mischivious smile, "Fascinating, Princess."

 Tempestia looks back down the alley and at Mirai keeping a look out. Tempestia looks be about to fly off her shoulder when she hears a louder *moan*.

  "Now, now," says Mirai, "if they wanted us involved they would have invited us. Have to respect their privacy..."

  Mirai scratches her cheek, "Even if they decided to this in the alley behind one of the most popular magic shops..." *sigh*, "I know they don't want to get caught at the school or dorms because of their status...but I think their spirits want them caught anyway...but they could have cancelled the Possession if they really wanted to."

  Mirai's face turns red as she hears rather loud *slurping* sounds and louder *moaning*.

 "By the goddess," says Mirai turning, "they ARE trying to get caught, great, now I have to..."

 "Are you Mirai Tanoka?!" yells a skinny boy in a blue button suit and dress pants across the street.

    His voice echoing through the alley is answered by the noises stopping and two human faces trying not to be seen poking around the corner, and their two fairies by their feet poking around the corner. Mirai blocking the alley and them answers, "Yes...and you are?"

  The boy puts his hands on his hips and forces a laugh, drawing looks from everyone on the street, clearly his intention. He points at himself with his thumb in a grand gesture, "I am Prince Baris!"

  Two more boys come out of a nearby shop and stand beside him, his up till that point incognito guards.

  Baris points at Mirai, "I hear that this morning your spirit beat Mr. Farns' spirit, the Sea Eldritch Daiyakisar. It is well known that I am the only other student to have beaten him."

  One of the other boys whispers something in his ear, "and!" continues Baris, "I have it on good authority that your spirit sucker punched his, and THAT is the only reason you won. Using some cheating move called..."

  He leans to the other boy who whispers in his ear again.

  "Yeah, some cheating sucker punch moved called Psy-Killer. Your spirit sucker punched his while it was doing a routine scan on your spirit."

   The old man running the summoning card shop steps out, stroking his beard and looking across the street at the old man running the spell training shop. The other old man nods towards Baris, and the old man running the card shop looks at Mirai, "Well young lady had I known your spirit had that move I could have recommended a few good guards, my advice though is to avoid using too many psionic spirits with yours. Focus more on the elemental qualities. My friend across the street there can give you some good deals too, on some spells, a spirit like yours there, looking like a sylph or a ghost...hmm...would be a surprise to an opponent to use psychic attacks."

  "Hey!" shouts Baris, "I am trying to issue a a partner spirit challenge here!"

  Angela now fully human again, her golden Harpy "Goldie" on her shoulder steps out of the shop. Sakura much the same coming out of the alley, pretending not to have noticed Angela, and smiling at Mirai.

  "She just got her partner spirit today," shoots Angela at Baris, "They havn't even had time to practice their combinations and patterns yet or shuffle her know very well that the first day is the spirit and human getting to know each other only."

  "No where," shoots back Baris, "does it say you can't challenge a newbie."

 "I am not a newbie!" yells Mirai, "but...this...this isn't normal. Maybe tomorrow."

 "Oh no," says Baris, "backing out huh? You know with these witnesses, you are going to lose points in the official standings. An adventurer can't be expected to be always prepared, isn't that right boys?"

  The two with him nod their heads.

  "He's a jerk," whispers Sakura, "but he has a strong partner spirit. Don't let him egg you on."

 "Uh," says Mirai, "am I the only one who doesn't know this guy?"

 Angela *huffs*, "He is a pompous wind bag, whose title is a complete lie, his family's hotel chain claimed an island as a kingdom. He and his father are litterally the only inhabitants. His father isn't so bad, but this guy is a jerk."

  Baris is practically red.

  Angela waves a dismissive hand, "Well, also he has had his spirit for like five years now. He should have graduated a long time ago. But his family's island is part of one of those medal award contest chains; and he refuses to go back and fight fairly."

  She brushes her hand back with her hand, "He insists upon spending his family's money, only attending the partner spirit courses...over and over again, staying in the dorm, and fighting new trainers."

  "When I return home," says Baris practically growling, "I am going to knock my father off his throne, I will not return home till my spirit can defeat his and claim the Medal Hall...I thought we were about ready..."

  He glares at Mirai, "But one of my greatest early victories has been stained in the record. It will only be expunged by showing I can defeat this newbie and her spirit."

  Mirai looks down at Tempestia, a fire in her ears, she wants to fight. They exchange a glance, and Mirai says, "I accept, but only on two terms. One the fight is out in the field not here, and Two it is partner spirits only. No Battle Spirits, No Wild Spirits, and no Constructs."

  Baris almost laughs, "They're called Manifestations, newbie, and yes I agree to your terms. No later than one hour, east field. Late and you forfeit."

  Baris and his two guards run off to the east field.

  "One second late and he'll run away claiming you never showed." says Angela, "I know at least four students in the Partner Spirit training course he pulled that on."

  Sakura puts her hand on Mirai's shoulder, "Welcome to the world of having a partner spirit."

  Angela whispers in Mirai's ear, "ya'know if you had joined us instead of watching this could have been avoided. Great way to connect with your spirit too."

  The old man running the card shop forces a *cough*.

  Sakura and Angela turn beet red, realizing people are still looking they look each other, *huff* and walk away in opposite directions.

  Mirai *sighs*, "guess I'll call Lance to ref for me."


  -About forty minutes or so later in the east field-

   "Leaving already?!" yells out Lance as Baris and his two cronies are turning to walk away, the long way, away from town.

   "Its only been forty minutes."

  "And who the hell are you?" growls Lance, *chiching* as he sees Mirai walking up the hill to the field.

  "I'm Mirai's witness...well at least that's what we called it back where I'm from. Guess you call it being the"

  Baris is less than pleased to see Lance there, holding his sword in front of him like a podium as Mirai ascends the hill, Tempestia riding on her shoulder.

  "Still have your spirit out eh?" asks Baris mockingly, "guess you're another like Lance here, and guess I shouldn't have been surprised to see Angela and Sakura backing you up. Feh, buddy buds with spirits. You take this whole...partner thing too litteral. If not for our spirit guards these monsters would take over our bodies and suck out our lives if we let them. Walking around with your spirits on your shoulders like parrots; or..."

  He narrows his eyes at Lance's sword, "or having them constantly equipped to your weapons like you're ready to murder someone at the drop of a hat."

  "The rules," says Lance, "if I understand your agreement. Was that this would be a duel type contest. Each summoner uses one spirit partner and no other spirits of any kind, correct?"

  "Yes," says Baris.

  "Yes," says Mirai, "I call forth, Tempestia!"

 Tempestia flies from her shoulder and with a twirl and a mighty wind and green and blue aurora flames transforms to her human size.

  "So it is an Eldritch..." whispers Baris, "Uncle Farns was right..."

  "So," yells out Baris, "some weird random spirit huh? It may get that fancy title of Eldritch, but that just means...uh...we don't have a clue what it is, some random weird thing heard your summoning. I on the other hand have this."

  He pulls his card out, a blue card with a 69 written on it, "Come out, Blue Cancer!"

 A blue rock crab, about the size of a medium sized dog manifest from star like patters on the ground in front of him.

 "Behold!" yells out Baris, "One of the Zodiac Spirits! Cancer!...and mine is a special variant, the Blue Cancer."

  Mirai whispers, "it just means its a water element version, they come in one of seven elements. Zodiac are well studied."

  Tempestia *laughs* a wild sound, the wind picking up, and she points her long blue claw like fingernail at Cancer, "That is my opponent! That is what this human child made such a fuss about earlier! A low level crab? Tell me mortal do you even know what a Zodiac is? The Zodiac this crab is from or its relevence?"

  Baris is wide eyed and looking back at his two cronies, and even over at Lance and Mirai, surprised.

  "Can you speak crab? Should I tell you your horoscope?"

 The crab hisses angrily and blows a foam of bubbles around its mouth.

 "Tempestia?" asks Mirai, "what are you talking about?"

 Tempestia speaks, "The Zodiac, 12 star signs, originally used for navigation by sailors. Later associated with astrology, they of course are not the only constellations, were just some associated with months and birthdays and people would think their personalities were based on this...of course that was nothing but pseudo-magic."

  "What's with your dumb ass spirit?" mocks Baris, "Constellations? The Zodiac arn't constellations, its just the name of their group....*cough* I mean, it is the ancient name of a grand and special group of star spirits. So yes...associated with stars, but not...whatever that was your spirit was babbling let's begin."

  Tempestia is looking at the clear day sky, her eyes glowing solid blue, "I see...they are not of this world...curious and curiouser."

  Baris smiles and whispers, "Distracted," and yells out, "Cancer, Possession now!"

  The crab turns giant, see through, and leaps into the air above Baris, transforming into a funnel of energy patterned like its shell onto Baris. It transforms into crab shell like armor on the boy, a helmet with three shell like points, no face guards, claw like gauntlets, and a pair of large forward facing crab claw limbs coming off his back where wings would be for a demon or angel.

His eyes glow blue and the irises are a wiggly horrizontal line, he speaks in a two voice bubbling echo, "Who are you? How do you know of the Zodiac Constellations...and the horoscope?"

  Mirai and Lance exchange a surprised look, as do Baris' cronies.

  "A fusion," says Mirai, "Uh..."

  Tempestia turns, "would you have I...possess you princess?"

  "Normally yes," says Mirai, "if your opponent does in a fight like this, its the safer option but..."

 Mirai blushes, thinking of her friends, "Possession is so...intimate, I wanted to save that for...later, when we were practicing and..."

  "Hydro Blast!" yells out Cancer shooting twin powerful shots of water from its claws at them.

 Tempestia grabs Mirai takes to the air with her.

 "Fusion!" yells out Mirai almost on instinct, after all this kind of scenario had played in her head so many times.

  Tempestia transforms into a cyclone of green and blue around Mirai, a galaxy of energy.

  Cancer watches and smiles prepared to attack them...but stops.

 "What?" mouths Lance as the colorful aurora turns black at the tips, a dark red energy spilling over it, both flowing into the spiral as if it were a blade slicing into reality and drinking in the blood of eternity.

  Mirai's robes turns black, her hair turns a blood red. The spiral shrinks and vanishes and she levitates to the ground. her eyes are a brillaint blue.

  "Uh....just a color pallete change," hisses Cancer, "it really is just a low level spirit...some book worm know it all...just like this summoner should have as you said my host."

   "My spirit," says Tempestia in a loud commanding voice, "combined with magic...creates....The Sorceress!"

  Lightning flashes down from a clear sky into her hands, "Hmm...summoner specific magic. It seems the rules of this world prevent me from using anything other than my elemental powers and an augmented version of Mirai's summoning potential. Interesting."

  "Shut up and fight!" yells Cancer, followed by, "Hydro Blast!"

  "Spirit Shield!" yells Tempestia creating a clear blue circular dome of energy in front of her with her left hand. With the other she creates a purple energy sigil with sloping hour glass and crescent moon symbols, "I can summon up to four about I make one of those...Eveleon!"

  The sigil moves to the ground and a large wolf with fur as black as pure shadow crawls out, its eyes a solid unnatural red, its tail is more like that of a fox, and with almost quill like spiky fur. Upon its shoulders are two tall slightly back curved black spikes, textured like some combination of wood and the shell of an insect.

 "Aqua Crab!" yells Cancer summoning a blue sigil with the 69 symbol repeated on its edges and center, summoning a brightly colored blue crab that looked alot like it.

  "Water Jet!" commands Cancer. The crab spitting out a jet of water at the Eveleon. Without any commands given the Eveleon charges and blasts a lightning bolt from its mouth, electric sparks dancing between its spikes as well, the intense blast strikes the Aqua Crab and it vanishes into blue flames.

  "A Mystic Monster," says Tempestia, "a very low level one at that. First stage water level stuff...behold crab cakes an Eveleon...this sort of creature could be found as an assist monster to a final boss."

  "What is a final boss?" mutters Lance remembering the various classes of Mystic Monsters described in class, "wait...does it mean an then...a special summoned only...I Leo Aegis's summons."

  His sword vibrates in his palms.

  "No," says Lance coldly to his sword, "not our fight."

   Back in the battle Cancer leaps to the air again, "Hydro Blast!" this time its two streams of water are aimed at Tempestia and the Eveleon.

  The Eveleon's lightning breath is vaporizing the stream. Tempestia however has raised another Spirit Shield and is charging up the stream.

  "What?" hisses Cancer, turning to focus both blasts at her, but its too late and with one mighty strike of and electrified fist she sends Cancer crashing to the ground, a huge crack in his breast plate.

  Cancer's hand is over its crack, steam escaping, "I...I am not done...will"

  It summons another sigil, "Star Spawn Crustaceon!"

  This time a ghostly glowing blue lobster like thing with a scorpion like tail with fins on the sides floats in the air.

  "Thunder Cannon!" yells Tempestia blasting through with a beam like blast of lightning, and blasting Cancer on the other side. The Star Spawn Crustaceon vanishes in blue flames and Cancer screams as electricity blasts around it. In a *poof* Baris is back and the Blue Cancer is dizzy beside him.

  "Insects," mutters Tempestia looking down at them, "you would insult one who could summon me? You dare belittle that which is I and my Princess? You are nothing..."

  Electricity dances between her finger and the edges of her eyes as she glares down at them, the Eveleon growling.

  Tempestia looks to the side, "Hmmm? Oh? My apologies Princess, as you wish."

  A cyclone of darkness with dark red energy within erupts around Tempestia, that causes an exhausted Baris to grab up Cancer like a scared dog and butt-run backwards into a tree, both releasing a high pitched *scream*. The cyclone changes to the green and blue aurora, rises up off of Mirai, now returned to normal, and shifts into the familiar robed and long black haired form of Tempestia. The Eveleon vanishes in black smoke.

  "Wow," says Mirai, "that was...intense."

  "Are you...displeased?" asks Tempestia.

  "No...of course not," says Mirai, " It was great, you were great., like a dream...but...more intense."

  Baris stops and realizes he is hugging Cancer and lets it go while faking a *cough*, "Any way, return Blue Cancer."

  Cancer *nods* as best a crab can be said to do that and vanishes into its card.

  Baris stands up and nearly falls over, his two cronies catch him.

 "Damn that spirit," growls Baris, "see what I mean...Mirai; let the spirits do what they want...and they drain the life right out of you."

  Tempestia shrinks and returns to riding on Mirai's shoulder.

 "I feel fine." says Mirai.

  "Really," says Baris and Lance, surprising Mirai.

 "Yeah," says Mirai, "except when she summoned that...uh...other spirit I'd never seen before, she called it...oh right; an Eveleon...yeah right there I felt my magic being used...but not for anything else."

  "I...see," says Baris, "whatever. Mine drains me...I keep his unhandsome, buggy, small, not even remotely human like self in his card."

  "But they can...take on humanoid form...that's the bonus of a Zodiac," says Lance, tapping his fingers on his sword, possessed by a sub-type of "Leo" another Zodiac spirit.

  " won...see you in class..."

  Baris whispers something to one of his cronies making the boy look back at Mirai with a weird expression of disbelief before they leave.

  "What was that about?" says Mirai as they turn and leave.

  "The creature I summoned," says Tempestia, "that boy said it was a Daemon...*yawn*"

  "It did vanish in shadows," says Lance.

  "Huh," says Mirai, "I guess that would make it a shadow type Daemon then. Not unheard of. Most fussion summonings tend to be Mystic Monsters though...I know Miss Ora's spirit when fused with her can summon a ghost, and Farns's makes manifestations."

  "The benefit...and down side, of an Eldritch," says Lance, "I guess...unpredictable results."

  Back in the city, Miss Ora watched the battle through binoculars, as she sets them down she says, "So...Angela,"

  She turns, Angela is there sitting in a chair, Dominess running her boot up and down Angela's leg and stroking her whip in her own lap.

  "This Celestial Eldritch Mirai Tonoka summoned, you say it may be a Primal Elemental?"

  Dominess smiles down at the girl and her spirit sitting on her shoulder, licking her lips.

  "Yes ma'am," says Angela, "it matched what was in the text book at least."

 "Dominess please," says Miss Ora, causing Dominess to cease teasing the girl *with a huff of protest* and a, "I can smell sex on hard to resist."

  Angela *blushes*.

  "Not for you nasty thing," hisses Goldie.

  Dominess curls her lips and grips her whip.

 "Now, now," says Miss Ora, "Angela thank you for your report, and the tip. You will be happy to know your friend beat that boy...however, while not against the rules. Her first possession was during battle."

 "They fused?" whispers Angela, "that bastard..."

  "Now, now," says Miss Ora, "let's not have that. I think...hmm...yes. Don't make any plans for the near future my dear. I just got a great idea."

  Angela gets up to leave, "I think my business is done here," however at the door Dominess whip wraps around her.

  "Going so soon?" asks Dominess.

  Goldie glows brilliantly, the light extending to and encompassing Angela, when it parts she has transformed into the bronze skinned amazon with golden scales on her breasts, buttocks, and crotch, golden claw like fingernails, golden feather hair, and golden angel wings. The whip unwraps as the wings expand slightly, a golden light making the dark whip sizzle.

  "Now, now," says Miss Ora stroking the side of Dominess' cheek, "you didn't come here just to tip me off my dear, not your style, you want something, I know how this goes."

  She kisses Dominess, a shadow comes over them both, morphs and turns to one. When the shadow departs the figure standing there could easily be mistaken for just being Dominess, save that her hair is a little longer, and her eyes are those of Miss Ora; in a sense it could be mistaken for Miss Ora dressed up as Dominess.

  "Oh my," says Goldie in a teasing manner, "are you already so hard for me?"

 Dominess smiles as the shadows on her waist morph in a plastic looking phallus.

 "To deflower such a young thing as me, a mere student." says Goldie playfully.

  "My master isn't into that fetish," says Dominess, "but she has a thing for feathers."

 Goldie spreads her wings as far as they can go in this room, the plastic phallus actually rises up longer.

  Goldie approaches Dominess who sits down in the large office chair. Goldie straddles her, slowly spreading scale concealing nether lips over the head of the shadowy phallus. She lowers down slowly, savoring every inch as it spreads her wide. Her legs drapped over the side of the large cushioned chair.

  Dominess gives her a few playful bounces, setting the plastic phallus in as deep as it can go.

  "Ya'know," says Dominess looking at this angel of a woman straddling her lap, "something tells me this idea my master has...and your favor...might be the same thing."

  Goldie rises up and back down *cooing*, repeatig this three more times, gaining some slick momentum before saying, "I don't care. They both want this."

  She sets down hard and looks Dominess in the eyes, "besides they can discuss that, once we're done playing. Now give me a good hard fuck!"

  Dominess grabs her by the ass, lifting her in the air and slamming her back down on the desk, knocking over many books, files, and papers.

  "Fuck yeah!" yells Dominess pounding Goldie's...and by extension Angela's pussy like a jackhammer, making the girl's eyes go wide and practically drool as they litterally move the furniture

   -about an hour and a half later-

   Angela is picking books off the floor of Miss Ora's office while Dominess is moving the desk back in place. Goldie the tiny golden Harpy is perched on a book case like a tiny gargoyle; it isn't worth bothering to try and ask a Harpy to do any kind of menial task. Miss Ora *sighs* as she helps get her papers and such off the floor and back to her desk.

  "Next time," says Miss Ora, "we should instruct our spirits to take our negotiations to someplace less...cluttered."

  Angela smiles lifitng up a handful of papers, "Well..." she sets them down on the desk and licks her lips, "My plan was to eat you out....student hidden under the desk and all that."

  Angela stops as Miss Ora takes her chin in thumb and finger looking her in the eyes, "That sounds like a great position for you to ask me for a favor...girl, and a great way for me to relax."

  She leads Angela around to the back of the desk. Angela obeys and gets on her knees under the desk as Ora sits down and hikes up her skirt. Angela pulling the woman's panties down.

  "Okay then," says Miss Ora as she feels Angela's tongue dancing along her labia, "let's hear this favor of yours."
Species: Demon Vampire

Type: Undead (Vampire)

Element: Necro / Darkness

Description: It looks like a giant bat, about the size of a horse, covered in black or dark purple dragon like scales instead of fur. Its tail is long and has a triangular demon tip and its eyes are more like dragon eyes than bat eyes.

These creatures are "Grand Boss" level Mystic Monsters, and like many of those are powerful, wild, and tend to be trapped in a special location by Overlords as otherwise they'd go on a bloody rampage (in this case attacking anything and everything in sight to drink its blood).

Special Weaknesses:

-Light/Golden/Holy energy and magic: Do 10x regular damage to it.

(Note: while it isn't repelled by or receive any special damage from silver or garlic these two things do make it angry and will cause it to target individuals that used them against it in battle)

Special Attacks: Aside from wing slashes, claw dives, and biting it has the following 10 special attacks.

1: Blood Healing: It will heal when drinking the blood of warm blooded creatures.

2: Sonic Roar: A focused beam like blast of sonic energy.

3: Shadow Wind: A wind like blast of shadow blades fired from the wings

4: Blood Siphon: any open wound on its target and it can use this ability to make the blood fly through the air to its mouth, potentially draining a victim from a distance

5: Summon Undead: It can randomly summon one of the following (Shadow Bat), (Vampy Head), (Blood Skeleton), (Blood Slime), (Zombie), (Vampiric Skeleton), and (Demon Skull)

6: Shadow Hide: creates darkness around its self, making it harder to see in the dark.

7: Silent Flight: can make its movements in the air silent.

8: Regeneration: can heal almost instantly from non-magic based attacks.

9: Teleport: It can when its HP is low suddenly start being able to teleport *black smoke effect* short distances.

10: Blood Bomb: When destroyed it doesn't just vanish as normal, but sets off a large blood colored fiery explosion.
Species: Swamp Spawn (there are also a myriad of other names for them)

Type: Fish (Humanoid..ish)

Habitat: Found on Earth (D-F time lines common). They can be found in swamps throughout South East Asia, India, and even somehow clear over in the South Eastern United States (thought to be introduced after WWII by deranged cultist)

Description: As an adult the males and females resemble biped lumpy and slimy green toads with longer front limbs than back, giving them a gorilla like posture and appearance, their heads are smaller proportionally than a frog's would be, slightly more fish like, and filled with sharp needle teeth.

These creatures tend to lurk on the bottom of swamps, but also build shrines to unknown gods from stone and sticks deep in the swamps and perform human sacrifices (and other animal sacrifices) believing their deranged gods love the sound of screams. Sometimes humans join their cults...but if they can't find a victim by the solstice one of them will be easily made into the sacrifice. These creatures possess superhuman strength, easily able to twist apart oak wood...or rip a police dog in half (this incident was locally mistaken for an alligator attack, and the escaping criminal became a sacrifice...also mistaken for an alligator attack; they just toss the bodies in the water after words).

These creatures reproduce like amphibians; their eggs hatch in the water as predatory tadpoles. Like human baby sized tadpoles with piranha like teeth. They devour everything till they mature, including and especially each other. The adults make no effort to stop this, and have no concept of parentage; they raise which ever ones make it to land and become sentient adults.
Species: Nekojin

Body type: Humanoid

Gender form: Female (90%), Male (10%) *most males have an effeminate appearance*

Environment: Forest

Element: Chi

Description: Nekokin look like thin athletic *gymnastic build* humans. They aren't wearing any clothes and have fur *bikinis* that "conveniently" cover up the naughty bits. They have cat ears ontop of their heads, cat tails, and clawed hands and feet. They also have fangs and cat eyes. The fur patterns can be any domestic cat breed or small wild cat.

Personality wise Nekojin are a lot like cats, playful, mysterious, and prone to sudden mood shifts with the situation. They are also listed as one the kleptomaniac spirits as while in their small forms they tend to sneak around when their human partners aren't looking and steal stuff that they stash away in some special place. What they steal varies by the individual and may just be seemingly random small objects. They also possess a rather strong sex drive, but seem to find the same amount of pleasure from fighting and stealing.


Nekojin tend to be short range righters, using punches, kicks, and claw attacks. They are also very fast and work well as "hit & run" types. They can be taught martial arts moves, and chi type attacks.

-Their 3 starting solo special moves:

1: Sparkling Claw: a wide angle claw slash in front of them accompanied by sparkling chi energy that spreads out slightly in front of it in the form of three slash marks in the air.

2: Sparkling Air Slash: A jumping kick that focuses chi into the foot to create a wind blade like arc of energy that follows the path of the kick and spreads out a little ways like a blue blade in the air.

3: Feline Rage: A wild combo attack, that despite being an official move looks more like it went berserk plus chi-energy for a series of attacks.

*It is common for summoners to teach them some ranged chi attacks and fast martial arts strikes.

-Weapon/Armor Transformation:

Nekojin can possess or transform into a bladed weapon for the summoner to use. These weapons can be claws, swords, bladed gauntlets, sais, and even spears. They will have a fur guard, handle, or base of the spear tip the same type as their primary form's fur, and a cat theme.
These weapons are razor sharp and have a Sparkling Chi slash when used, and with training the summoner can even send this chi blade flying through the air as a projectile.

-Aura Guardian:

In Aura Guardian mode the Nekojin bestows its summoner with increased speed, agility, heightened senses, and self healing (relatively slow compared to a healing spell, but can heal any light wound over time, even bigger life threatening wounds if it goes into Aura Guardian mode soon enough).

-Possession: When the Nekojin possesses and controls its summoner the summoner loses their human ears, gaining the Nekojin's cat ears, as well as its tail and eyes. The human body will now have the strength and speed of the Nekojin (but not the self healing power of the Aura Guardian mode), it also loses its three basic attacks during possession and any chi-based powers. It will retain any taught martial arts moves though. And depending on the mana power of the summoner can now summon one of (up to) four Mystic Monsters.

1: Psycho Kitten: A domestic cat that attacks wildly

2: Were-Cat: A fully covered in fur version of the Nekojin, only much more feral.

3: Demon Tiger: A tiger with curved ram horns and bat wings that breathes fire.

4: Manticore: A demon winged tiger with a demon like human face with boar tusks, a lion's mane, and a scorpion like tail with porcupine quills instead of a stinger. Breathes fire, sonic roars, and shoots its venomous quills.

-Combo Initiation:
When teamed up with one of the following Elemental Faeries: Werewolf, Wolf-Girl, Wolf-Boy, or Puppy-Person. The Nekojin can initiate a "Cats & Dogs" special combo where the two dance and then summon chi-energy based forms of a giant cat and a giant dog to strike the opponent. This also temporarily boosts the speed, attack, and defense of the spirits using this combo.

When teamed up with one of the following Elemental Faeries: Nekojin, WereTiger, Leo, Tigra, Neko-Cosplayer, or Spirit Cat; the Nekojin initiating the combo can summon a ball of string made of chi energy and pass it between its self and the other cat spirit as they move through the field, the longer they keep passing the ball the more powerful it becomes (losing its strength if it hits the ground), but exploding like a chi-bomb hitting the target. The big advantage being passing it around long enough to build up energy.
Still responding to alerts, but the kind of threads I would make are the types that are quickly buried so not likely to bother for the time being.


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